16 Nov -19 nov 2017

NEAR 2017 – Silkeborg Denmark



NEAR 2017 – Silkeborg Denmark

Do not miss the 2017-edition of the Nordic Tablers Meeting! In Silkeborg, Denmark, November 16-19 2017.

Its time to once again meet old friends for the first time!

Fellow tablers! One world, one table!

You are hereby invited to participate in the NTM/NEAR 2017 in Silkeborg, Denmark. 16-19. November 2017.


Don’t miss one of the year’s highlights when it comes to tabling. We will make sure this meeting makes it way in to the RT history books!

You can also make the most of this, book November and join the pre-tour too!


When? November 16th to the 19th (Pre-tour, November 13th to the 15th)

Where? Silkeborg, central Jutland/Denmark. Follow this link for info on how to get there. Its easy! – Silkeborg Google Maps

How much? 280 EUR+accomodation (76 EUR per night).

All meals and transportation included.


Preliminary program:

Thursday 16/11-2017

Day: Possibility for National board meetings at additional cost.

Evening: Welcome get together, light dinner and mingle. Beverages are included to some extent. Most guests arrive on during Thursday.

Friday 17/11-2017

Day: Activities, see below for details and registration.

National board meetings

Evening: NEAR Dinner and party with live band

Saturday 18/11-2017

All Day: Activities, see below for details and registration.

Day, morning: Meetings/Workshop for: Presidents, Vice Presidents, Secretary/Webmasters and Area Chairmen. Open for all tablers.

Lunch: Lunch and Banner Exchange

Day, afternoon: Possible for delegates to particpate in the activities, see below for details and registration

Evening:Gala Dinner, black tie.


Sunday 19/11-2017

Day, morning: Breakfast.

Lunch: Crawl back where you came from. We will help as far as Billund airport




1. Culture and Business:

The neighboring city of Aarhus is currently the City of Culture in Europe which means there is loads of activities and cultural events going on in this, the second largest city of Denmark. A daytrip which will also include a company/factory visit to one of the big international brands of Denmark.

Subject to availability and minimum attendees.

2. Mountainbiking and Viking dip:

Silkeborg is renowned for its lakes and forest covered “mountains” in a country that is normally consisting of agriculture and being extremely flat.

it is therefore also known as the “Lake District of Denmark and what more natural than combining a mountain bike ride with instructor on rental bikes around the beautiful surroundings of the city and finishing off with a dip in one of the lakes. All under supervision and cold and hot drinks when needed. For the active tabler that wants a local experience that lasts a life time.

3. Brewery and beer tasting finished of with a pub crawl.

Germany may have October fest and more breweries but Silkeborg is known wide and broad for its micro breweries which has won awards world wide. Abit of insight in the morning and then a local tour of the pubs, bars and bodegas of Silkeborg in the afternoon.

The experiences for the tabler that doesn’t want only to enjoy alcohol in the evenings.

4. Wine tasting but mostly glass tasting:

The Austrian wine glass manufacturer Riedle sells more wineglasses per capita in Denmark then anywhere in the world, we consider us much more than Mjød drinking Vikings so why not share our passion for the fine drops of nectare from the royal fuite of the grapes.

The Sales director of Riedle will guide us through the huge difference a glass can do to the way the grapes appear, smells, tasts in a the various designs of glasses that you all will be able to try and test.

For the tabler that considers himself a connesiuer and wants a early buzz before the Gala Dinner in the evening.

Only available on Saturday.

If you have any questions whatsoever, contact us on facebook or [email protected]! We will do everything we can to make sure that your experience of the NEAR in Silkeborg will be the best possible!

Pre-tour November 13-15th

Silkeborg is known for its forests and lakes and the pre-tour will therefore contain activities in and around these. Be it fun and games, sporting activities, exploring nature or just plain and simple drinking in the wilderness or lakes.

Silkeborg was founded in 1844, when Michael Drewsen started a paper mill at the spot next to the river. The city is divided north and south by the lake of Silkeborg Langsø, which at the eastern side of the city, resolves into the Gudenå River. Silkeborg is located in the middle of the Jutlandic peninsula, slightly west of the geographical centre of Denmark. surrounded by Denmark’s largest forest district and a great number of lakes, and today we have a population of 43.885. 53% women.

Accomodation will be at Dayz Søhøjlandet which will be our base for the 3 days Pretour!


Dayz Søhøjlandet


Here we will have our own camp consisting of cabins or shelters near the skiing hill and the indoor waterpark. We will host various games and activities such as Sauna, skiing/slaying, mountain biking, wheelchair rugby, Bumperz, dinner made over fire and much more so you will be ready for the loads of cold beers that are included on the whole pretour.

Yes all food and drinks all three days is included in the price!

The cabins even have tv’s for the Icelandics to practice their throw on, please remember to open the window before throwing!

Bring suitable clothing, your smile and an extra liver, you will need it 🙂

It might be expensive for some but we will make it worth every minute of the pretour!